Jugfish IS Halibut

Yesterday I made a recipe I tore of out a years-old Bon Appetit: Prosciutto-wrapped Halibut. I made it with no great expectations, but because I had both prosciutto and halibut languishing in the freezer, on the verge of getting too old. I am almost pathological about wasting food (I think this comes from finding mold on things in my parents’ fridge once too often), so I had a NEED to use up those two ingredients or everlasting SHAME would descend upon me. (I am, you might find, a bit overdramatic).

The recipe is very simple–I just sprinkled halibut fillets with thyme leaves, salt and pepper, wrapped the prosciutto around the things, seared them in an oven-proof skillet, and then baked them at 375 for 6 minutes. The original recipe calls for making a pan sauce with wine, butter and shallots, and though I did also have those ingredients, I’m not a big fan of butter sauce on fish, so I left it out, instead sprinkling a few flakes of shallot onto the fish before wrapping it in the prosciutto. Best Fish EVER. I love fish, though I didn’t eat much white fish before Teacherman came into my life, but I tend to eat it coated in spice rubs, or in many-flavored ethnic preparations. This was undoubtedly the best white fish that I’ve ever had. The paper-thin prosciutto was crisped to shattering by its searing in the cast-iron skillet, the fat in the prosciutto kept the fish from drying out in the oven, and the thyme (forgive me, I used dried) tied the two flavors together better than I might have thought. I kept putting my fork down because the taste was so astonishing.

Thyme and prosciutto is a combination that I wouldn’t have found surprising on, say, chicken, but for some reason using them with the halibut was a revelation. On the side we had high-temperature roasted green beans and shallots in a hazelnut oil and lemon juice vinaigrette. It was fine–it might even have been really good–but I ended up eating it quickly so I could linger over the halibut. Teacherman liked it even more than I did, and is now full of ideas about wrapping seafood in pork products. Hmmm–cod saltimboca, maybe?

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