This is Not a Recipe

I bought a two-pound box of strawberries at the grocery store yesterday. 

I was only mildly disappointed not to be able to buy strawberries at the farmer’s market on Saturday, so I was surprised when I fell upon the pile of gleaming boxes like a desert dweller on manna from heaven.  Fall on it I did, though, and purchasing followed.  Then I had a two-pound box of strawberries in my fridge.

The berries might not be farmer’s market caliber (they are organic, but probably from California and bred for shipping, etc, etc), but they are amazingly juicy and yielding and strawberry-y.  Most people would leave them at that, but I, after snacking on “plain” strawberries all yesterday afternoon and evening, felt the need to meddle.

When making breakfast this morning, I skimmed about eight ounces of the ripest berries off the top of the box, hulled and sliced them, and slid them into a bowl.  I squeezed a tiny bit of orange juice over the top, tossed them, and then disappeared for a short time for the typical morning preparations, leaving the berries alone to ooze.  Just before sitting down to eat, I dashed out to the backyard, where the sole herb that I yet own–lemon verbena–is awaiting a new pot.  Lemon verbena leaves can be very stiff and fibrous, but this plant is young enough (though very bushy) that the leaves are as soft as basil.  I absconded with three or four leaves, finelyfinely sliced them, and then tossed them into the strawberry mixture. 

The result was not Cuisine, but it was perfect.  Neither the herb or the orange overwhelmed the strawberries, they merely set off the flavors that were already there.  I will most definitely be making this again, so long as my box of strawberries lasts–though that probably won’t be much longer.  How can the world be bad when such things as strawberries exist?

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