It was probably the easiest breakfast I’ve made in a long time. 

On Sunday, Teacherman and I were booked for a familial brunch at 11, away down into the heart of the city.  Since I usually eat breakfast at around 6:30, I knew I couldn’t survive for those 5-ish hours with no sustenance, so I determined to make the myself a snack to hold the hunger pangs in check.  Teacherman, always a sport (and also dubious at the idea of holding off hunger until nearly noon), decided to join me.

I originally got the idea from epicurious, but didn’t look at the proportions of the actual recipe when making it.  Also, as usual, I ignored the fact that it was supposed to be an appetizer and served the entire thing as a meal for two. 

From the counter: three almost over-ripe peaches.  From the fridge: one package of about 6 oz of prosciutto.  The peaches were sliced into a bowl, tossed with cumin and a little sherry vinegar, then sweetened slightly.  They sat in their bowl while we showered.  After that pause for ablutions, I spooned out the slices onto two plates, laid the prosciutto along side, and threw on a handful whole basil leaves from the garden. 

Voila: breakfast.  We wrapped the peaches and basil in the proscuitto, enjoying the sweet-spicy-sour-salty combination of the fruit, cumin/basil, vinegar and cured meat.  I far prefer this to the more typical combination of prosciutto and melon.  As much as I love all the varieties of cantaloupe, even the best ones are so often just sweet, without the background tang that good peaches inherently have.  Yes, the vinegar did help with the tanginess quotient, but if the peaches’s flavor hadn’t been complex to begin with the vinegar wouldn’t have blended with the whole–it would have seem harsh and out of place.

Tra la, tra la: 5 minutes of prep, 20 minutes of eating, a long lazy morning before heading off to see the family.

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