Each of These Things is Not Like The Other

Et Voila: the difference between an antique apple (to the right) and a modern cultivar of the same variety of apple (to the left). 

The modern apple is still quite tasty (though not as wild-tasting as the antique, if I had to break it down that far), but it does seem rather bizarre that most modern apples are so ENORMOUS.  I’m always very happy when I can find tiny antique apples, just because their size fits my appetite.  Unless an apple is the main point of my meal, anything larger than my fist seems excessive.  Even then: a softball sized baked apple for breakfast would be a bit overwhelming. 

Tinier apples are perfect for snacks, for dessert in a packed lunch, for baking along-side roasted meats, etc.  The only applications I don’t prefer them for are things like pies, cobblers, or applesauce, where cutting out the myriad miniscule cores gets a little fiddly. 

These tiny apples are the last of the “Wealthy”s, purchased at the Madison market lo these many weeks agone.  For lunch today I cored them (very carefully) and baked them to serve alongside pork confit and mashed celery root. 

The day might have been warm, but the sky was a sky of autumn, and the meal matched nicely.

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