Oh Dear

I think I may have ruined my oven. 

All right, that’s being a little overdramatic.  Rephrase: I think I may have really really messed up my oven.

All I did was roast a chicken.  I bought it from the store I always buy it from.  I bought the same size (3 lbs) and type (fryer) that I always get.  I cooked it the same way I always do (15 minutes at 450, 1 hour at 350).  I did EVERYTHING the way I always do!

I guess this chicken just had malevolent designs upon my oven.

I can’t say that I noticed it being particularly fattier than usual when I was prepping it for the oven.  I did cut off about two tablespoon’s worth of fat from inside the cavity, but I always do that.  The skin was difficult to separate from the flesh, but not unduly so. 

Somehow, somewhere, SOMETHING caused the fat in this chicken to just explode all over the inside of my oven.   The top, the bottom, the sides, the door–they all have floor-to-ceiling 4-inch-wide streaks of greasy soot.  From about 30 minutes in to the cooking time to the end of it, big billows of smoke pushed their way out of the vents and filled the house, no matter how many windows I opened. 

The chicken is not burnt (in fact, it tastes quite nice).  The pan is not warped.  It’s just the oven that’s a disaster area.  And, of course, the house that is now permeated with smoke.  (Not to mention my hair).  And have I mentioned that my oven does not have a self-cleaning cycle. 

At 9:30 pm I will get home from work.  I don’t know how long it will take me to clean the oven.

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